A note to the young TCM providers

Whenever I get an email from my readers, especially my peers in TCM practice, I can’t help but feel really warm and encouraged. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a place in this world because of the passion and diligence of all the practitioners. Although there are different needling techniques and different school of thought in the practice, and I don’t know all of them. I appreciate everyone’s work in TCM that makes this profession strong and growing.

I would like to thank everyone’s effort in working . I would also like to open up myself as a channel for deeper learning. If you are a young practitioner and would like to learn Chinese classics such as Nang Jing , Shang Han Lun or Neijing or other classics or like to form a study group, feel free to email the office : drtzechingwang@easternwellnesstcm.com.

I am also very happy to provide suggestions on herbal prescription or mentorship with no cost for the young practitioners.

Many blessings to my peers out there. May the TCM force be with you.




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