Living in a world of pain.


Pain is such a negative word .But it’s also a word worth billions of dollars.

If you google “how much does Americans spend on pain medication” a whopping number of $635 billion according to ScienceDaily.

Granted that it was only reporting the cost of chronic pain but another new feed also tell us a little bit of what’s happening with pain among American’s lives. CNBC reported on April 26th 2016 about 80% of global opioids consumption is in the United States.

We all know what pain is like , it’s not a warm feeling . It’s consuming and draining for a person.  But what truly is pain?

If we need to make choice of having pain or not , we would most likely say no to pain.

Can we really live our lives without any pain?

Pain is not a disease. It’s a signal telling us there is abnormality in our body and also helps  us to sense and avoid danger.

But why does a signal system turn into an epidemic?

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, pain is caused by stagnation or “blockage”.

What can cause stagnation?

Imagine a road with no obstruction, the flow of traffic is smooth and easy . A smooth traffic flow brings less stress for the driver. We all like that , don’t we?

When there is construction, broken pavement or  traffic light not working, then we are most likely stuck in the traffic and not going anywhere. The stress , the frustration or irritation can all be seen as stagnation. In physical symptoms are shown as pain.

In the world that relies heavily on pain medication , we should ask ourselves what are the cause in our lives .Is it relationship? Is it workload? Is it the trauma that we can’t face ?

I don’t think doctors are the ones to be blamed for prescribing pain medication to their patients. But there is a lot more we can do for ourselves.Slow down a little. Reconnect with people and yourselves. Eat nutritious food and exercise regularly.

If we don’t look at ourselves and believe that we can take care of our bodies without depending on medication, we will never truly be healthy.







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