Thank you.


It’s a moment like this gave my job so much meaning.Even been in practice for over 13 years, I  am often impressed by how powerful Traditional Chinese Medicine can be. Thank you for your effort to come through the door for me to help.Thank you.

Dr. Wang,

I wanted to drop this email to you for a wonderful job you did for me.

It started around 2/17/17 with my right jaw pain resulted from the root canal work at a dental clinic a week early. I went back to the clinic for a check-up of the pain and got a referral to see a TMJ specialist. At the first visit (2/22), prescriptions for steroid and antibiotic were made. I followed the specialist’s instruction carefully. However the jaw pain and the limited mouth-opening situation continued.

At the second visit (3/7), I was told to visit a physical therapist, plus going for a MRI at a local health images clinic.  As my insurance won’t cover the costs for those referrals, aside from the fact that I was not sure those follow-up recommendations were really necessary, so I decided to take a wait-and-see if the pain will be gone by itself.

After two weeks or so of less measurable and tangible improvement, I went to your clinic asking for help on 3/24. I felt less pain right after your acupuncture treatment on the ride side of my face and could open my mouth a bit wider the next day, with continuous improvement thereafter. Another follow-up visit to your clinic was not required.

Being a member of that dental clinic for more than 30 years, I feel obligated to suggest them trying an alternative approach when dealing with TMJ (or whatever it is called) on the following grounds:

– Unless justified, taking Medrol Dose Pak and Amoxicillian should be the last resort. In my case I had no infection, but possibly with muscle spasm during the root canal work;

– Insurance does not cover the cost for my TMJ fee and related prescriptions, neither the recommended  physical therapy and MRI. For people with fixed income, additional health cost becomes a burden;

– My two-month suffering was way too long unnecessarily and could be shortened significantly.

In addition to this thank-you note to you, I also mentioned to my dentist during my last semi-annual visit on 8/3 that “please consider another option in dealing with TMJ related situation in the future”.


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