Cervicogenic dizziness and acupuncture.

Have you ever complained about having “the floor or the roof spinning”? or “feeling tired all the time and feel like falling ” and meanwhile your neck hurts and have frequent headache?
You might be having cervicogenic dizziness.
What are the symptoms of cervicogenic dizziness?
The most common symptoms are of course, dizziness. And the cause of it is due to the decrease blood flow to the head. The decreased of blood flow can attribute to compression , tension and stenosis of the cervical vertebrae or the mal-alignment of the cervical spine.
Because of underlying cervical spondylosis , patients often times experience radiating neck pain , jaw pain or headache.
So how does TCM see this condition?
Channel theory is the principle of TCM as well as the balance theory.
Channel or meridians are the pathway for transporting and transforming to and from internal and external organs.
In order to treat a condition, first we need to look at the pathway of where the ailments are.
In TCM, the head is where all the Yang meridians converge. Any blockage of the Yang channel can impair the normal function.
The treatment principle for cervicogenic dizziness is mainly unblocking the channel and opening the orifice and tonifying the Yang aspect of the body.
There are many points of selection. The practitioners may select local points such as GB20, UB10 or distal points such as KI6, LV3.
A study on Zhu’s scalp acupuncture shows the effective rate of 93.33% in treating cervicogenic dizziness.This encouraging finding of acupuncture in treating cervicogenic dizziness can provide an alternative for patients who are not responding well to conventional treatment and provide them with care and relieves.

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