How can TCM help if you have cervical spondylosis?


Cervical spondylosis is not uncommon nowadays. With our advanced iphone, ipad and working on the computer,  this age related problem has been diagnosed more in younger people. Women are at higher risk due to hormonal change , pregnancy and nursing.

By definition, cervical spondylosis is wear and tear condition in the neck causing pain and stiffness in the initial stage. As the conditions get worse, the space between cervical discs will become narrow and start compressing on the nerves coming out of the spinal cord. When at this stage , you may start experiencing weakness and tingling in the hands and fingers. In some advanced cases, we can see muscle wasting , loss of dexterity of the hands and even dizziness or headache.

Treatments available for people who are diagnosed with cervical spondylosis includes:

1.Medication: your doctors may prescribe medication includes . Types of medication includes :NSAIDs, Corticosteroids, muscle relaxant, anti-seizure medications, antidepressant and opioids.

2. Physical therapy :physical therapy helps stretch and strengthen neck muscles for pain relief. As the neck muscle gets stronger, posture will be improved and also prevent the further wear and tear.

3.Surgery:surgical intervention includes removal of the herniated disc or bone spurs, removing a part of the vertebrae and fuse a segment of the neck.

So how does TCM see cervical spondylosis?

1.Bi syndrome:

What is Bi syndrome? The immobility of muscle , tendon and bone with pain is called “Bi syndrome”. The cause of Bi syndrome in TCM is the “accumulation of pathogens includes wind, dampness and coldness in the meridian”.The accumulation leads to blockage of Qi and blood which fail to nourish the tissues and organ then cause pain and deformity.

The focus of TCM in treating Bi syndrome is to expel the pathogen , remove the blockage and replenish the Qi and blood.

2. Du meridian:


The location of cervical spondyslosis is on Du meridian. Du meridian is the governing meridian of all Yang Channels. It also governs the Yang Qi (or the functional energy ) in our body. Women naturally are more deficient in Yang Qi than men. Thus in TCM , warming herbs or warming needles are usually applied to women with cervical spondylosis.

When treating cervical pain, TCM doesn’t only provide relief of pain but also provide a long-term solution which is safe and effective.

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